"Gently, allow your heart to hand you every last piece of who you truly are.
This is the food you’ve been hungry for.
This is the water that will quench.”
- Brooke McNamara

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Subconscious Alchemist here.

I love liberating potential and the subconscious. It's why I'm on this Earth.

I want you to live fully free, abundant, heart-open, alive, and thriving.

I saw my parents suffering in these endless loops of drama and since I was 6yrs old, wondered why that was.

It was clear to me that they were living out a story and felt strongly about it.

It was also clear they were very unhappy and creating a lot of it.

They impacted me a lot and I was suffering since I was old enough to think. And since I moved out I sought a way to shift this. An inner knowing told me that there had to be another way.

In my past, I was keeping myself hidden, small, and repressed...because it felt safe and it was all I could manage. My emotions ruled my life.

That's a distant memory now.

Before Healing Work...

In my 20s...
- lots of anxiety covered by alcohol and sometimes drugs.
- I couldn't hold down a job,
- maintain a healthy relationship,
- had chaotic finances, and
- was easily triggered all the time.

    • RELIEF.
      Night and day.
    • I feel happy most of the time for no reason at all...and am excited to get out of bed.
    • Learning disability symptoms and all anxiety - GONE.
    • Stable career that I love & abundance.
    • Social ease & freedom.
    • Deep self-love and acceptance.
    • Long-term healthy, lasting relationships
    • Way more energy and great sleep.
Why should I care?

You don't have to...unless you're up to something in life and need things to change.

Is it true?

I figured out how it all works and how to do it much faster than I did.

Since 2002, I've trained in personal development and alternative healing modalities to psychotherapy and completely transformed my own life.

I'm in. What should I do next?

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  • Psych-K Training, 2023
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Weeklong Retreats, 2023
  • Trauma Resolution Training, Mindlight 2021-2023
  • Circling Facilitator/Trainer 2020-2022
  • Stages International Development Coaches' Training & Certification, Stages International, 2019 - 2021
  • Co-Founder - The Yugen Institute - Coaches' Training, 2019 - 2022
  • The Relational Leadership Academy, Trainer 9/2020 - 5/2022
  • T3 "Train the Trainer" Authentic Relating Certified, 2019
  • Intuitive Energy Psychology: Foundations, Advanced Mentorship, 2018-2019
  • Family Constellations Facilitator: Training, 2016 - 2018
  • Vipassana, 2007-Present
  • Landmark Education Introduction Leader, Coach 2005 - 2007

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