“"Gently, allow your heart to hand you every last piece of who you truly are.
This is the food you’ve been hungry for.
This is the water that will quench.”
- Brooke McNamara

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About me:

I grew up in a family with complex-ptsd.  I had social anxiety,  chronic fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses, and bouts of depression.   I was later diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication, but later found out that what I actually had was trauma and severe performance anxiety.  It was a painful and lonely road of confusion not really understanding what was going on with me.

I found myself at 23yrs old with broken relationships, having barely graduated college, and difficulty holding down jobs.  I reached a point where I knew there had to be more to life...and me and knew I was o likely on a road to nowhere fast if I didn't do something about it.  The people around me were clueless and often I was judged and invalidated for my feelings and reactions especially by my family...and myself.

In 2002, I took my first course about the Self and what it was to be human. I cried...a lot.   It was the first time I felt understanding, compassion, and healing in my life.  I saw how my earlier experiences had deeply pained and impacted me to feel unsafe in my own body.

Then, I learned about trauma...and that's when the even more radical transformations began...
I started doing deep trauma work.,,working on my body and subconscious...easing my nervous system and restoring safety and resilience.  Not all healing is created equal and I finally found the "thing" that was the key to unlocking me from my internal cage.  I can say that I'm dramatically a different person than I was back in a phrase..."I'm free."

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  • Co-Founder - The Yugen Institute - Coaches' Training, 2019 - Present
  • Stages International Development Coaches' Training & Certification, Stages International, 8/2019 - 6/2021
  • Trauma Resolution Training & Certification, Mindlight 2021-In progress
  • The Relational Leadership Academy, Trainer 9/2020 - Present
  • T3 "Train the Trainer" Authentic Relating Certified, 2019
  • Mind-Body Energetics Training: Foundations, Advanced Mentorship, 2018-2019
  • Family Constellations Facilitator: Training & Advanced Mentorship in Healing Inherited Ancestral Trauma, 2016 - 2018

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