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    I work with all emotional triggers and wounding, healing your nervous system.
    My specialty is in healing emotional wounds from Developmental Trauma.
    Expanding self-expression, creativity, & clearing blocks in the way of you having a purposeful business.
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Sessions are 1hr & done via ZOOM

    • 1-Session: $100
    • 3-Session Pkg: $269
    • 13-Session Pkg: $999


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The 3-Month Journey

Some people know they want to make huge shifts now in their lives now.

Healing & integrating traumas and past wounding is tremendously rewarding. From relationships to money to happiness ~ you can completely shed old feelings, beliefs, and triggers.

Healing past & current wounds and trauma can completely transform and strengthen our present moment.

When we free up this bound energy, our reality shifts into expansive & new ways as well as our physical bodies. Trauma affects our sleep and digestion, when we integrate past wounding - we feel better ALL around.

3-months include:

  • 13 private 60-min emotional freedom sessions
  • In-depth work with your emotional body, nervous system, subconscious, and any developmental trauma.
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Circling Oct 2022

"The single biggest predictor of human happiness is the quality of our relationships." - Arthur Aron

Circling uncovers “relational blind spots”— the places where we push away depth of connection & intimacy.

✨If you're:

  • In relationship and want to deepen connection + gain skills.
  • Single, and looking to attract someone to explore deeper connection with…
  • Looking for a deeper or more easeful connections with people in your life —family, friends, colleagues, clients.
  • Understand why people are they way they are.
  • Want to improve how others experience you in a welcoming, gentle way.

Through this fresh, direct-experience in-the-moment process, we have more choice about how we respond to others.

✨Circling Benefits:

  • Arguments become less frustrating and more enriching.
  • Personal lives are deeply enriched.
  • Relationships become a place of learning and growth.
  • Pathways open as you cultivate this level of awareness and skill in communication.
  • Of all abilities one might gain mastery of, an instrument, a sport, or becoming a chef…this ability is said to be one of the most rewarding overall.
  • People wanting them at more meetings and gatherings to have them ‘go better’.

✨Details here:

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